Peter Nacken is a trailing spouse by day and a travel & food writer / photographer by night. For over 15 years he has been writing about food (among other things) in New York, Fiji, Italy, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Japan and countless other places (having travelled 50+ countries).

Not a big fan of the term ‘blogging’, he started online journaling as early as 2000 (before ‘blogging’ was a word and content management systems became main-stream), starting with live travel journals of his first trip to Japan, a cross country USA road trip, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil all in 2001.

Armed with a passion for photography, traveling & food (eating AND cooking), he continues to explore the planet with his travel happy family.

He has written hundreds of restaurant and travel reviews, which have been published under a pseudonym elsewhere. His personal blog boasts 4300 articles as of today of which 2 have been featured on