Since December 2014 I have been preparing my son’s school lunches and took pictures of them.

Taking photos made it easy for me to keep the selection varied, arrange the food in a pretty and thus appetizing ways and it also challenged me to always come up with new ideas.

I am collecting those photos now to be published in a book by the end of 2015. Tentative titles are “A year in lunches”, “Feed your kid”, “Will he really eat it?”, “Papa, stop playing with my food” …

If you are interested in a print copy (think ‘coffee table book’) of this, please make this known in the comments. Depending on the received enthusiasm I will explore print & pricing options.

If you are a publisher and you are interested in this project, please also contact me through the comments.

Here is what I have so far:

December 2014 (Click here for the menu)

January 2015 (Click here for the menu)

February 2015 (Click here for the menu)

March 2015 (Click here for the menu)

April 2015 (Click here for the menu)

May 2015 (Click here for the menu)

June – August 2015 (Click here for the menu)