I am putting this together as my own mental reminder, but also for friends who would like to try and make their own Vietnamese Pork Bomber (if I already lost you, here is an article on Banh Mi and its reputation).

The basics: nice baguette, lots of pork, pickled veggies and herbs .. and hot sauce!

Here is what I used today:

Top: egg (made sunny side up), paté, pickled veggie, fresh spring onions & coriander, sriracha
meats: cooked ham, smoked pork loin, bacon (to be fried), spicy chorizo
and baguette!

Of course I would have loved to use some great bbqued pork pieces, or slices of pork roast .. but I did not have any at hand, which shows how well this sandwich can be ‘faked’. In my humble opinion the flavor comes down to: loads of fresh coriander. Pickled carrot, cucumber, onions (super easy to make at home: mix water with vinegar and sugar, let sliced veggies swim in there for at least an hour). As hot sauce I prefer Huy Fong’s Sriracha.

And here is the assembly line. There might be an ancient, traditional way which order this all has to be, but I used some logic and common sense (like ‘egg on top):

Have fun making your own, share the results!