So, today, for my birthday, my sweet wife tried to kill me by letting me overdose on chocolate.

For this she and Julius kidnapped me with a taxi to go to the illustrious Sofitel Metropole Legend Hotel (I kid you not, they made me close my eyes during the trip) and when we arrived, they were just about to open the 2.5h all-you-can-eat chocolate buffet!

The items range from over 10 different kinds of pralineés to dark and rich and very heavy chocolate cakes, ice cream, a crepes station, what once was a chocolate fountain is now a mere chocolate fondue pot. Luckily they also have some high tea finger sandwiches and fruit to balance the whole experience.

But even without having had breakfast nor lunch, I felt filled up fairly quickly. All very tasty but even a big guy like me can only take so much chocolate.

I got a fantastic present from Julius, he asked me a while ago which is my favorite space ship and I mentioned the Millennium Falcon (Star Wars) and Serenity (Firefly) and since he had never watched Firefly, he made me this paper craft falcon from scratch! Awesome!

As a fun side attraction, the local chapter of the Lolita Fashion cosplay club had a tea party next to us. Very surreal and lots of tourists (especially Japanese ladies, who probably know this sight from Japan, but did not expect to find it here) asked to have their picture taken with them.