Always fun to explore a new neighborhood place. It seem that every week there is something new is opening and Tay Ho is slowly transforming to Hanoi’s restaurant neighborhood (well, that statement does not really ring true, as there is food ALL over Hanoi, but maybe Tay Ho, with so many expats living in, attracts the more diverse kinds of eateries)

Cue “The Curry Bar”, another venture from whoever is behind Hachi-ju-hachi Shouten (Matsuri). This place looks more fancy on the inside than outside, they have several private rooms on the second floor (one of them a Japanese style ‘sit on the floor’ set up), the service is very attentive and the food was excellent indeed.

The menu boasts Indian, Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese curries. I selected the spicy mutton platter, which had nice big, juicy pieces of meat, a small bowl of the veggie curry of the day and a small Indian salad for 150K (7$) and Ritsu had the chicken thali, which came with chapati and one extra veg curry. I really liked that they offer a kids’ curry (the Japanese style that Julius loves) for a mere 40K (2$), oh, and water is free!