I have been putting off this review for a while now because I really wanted to only have positive things to say, especially since this was my birthday dinner treat by my sweet wife. But, alas, at least let’s start with all the positive things and work our way down the rungs:

The setting on the 63rd floor if the Lotte building is stunning and worthy of a special occasion, the staff appears courteous and professional. The food presentation was all over top notch. As expected, the food is rather pricy and paying 250 – 300K for a soup stings a bit, even if i.e. the mushroom soup arrives looking super fancy and tastes incredible. Also my risotto was cooked to perfection and had a very well composed mix of flavors. The 2 lava stone grill items we had (sea bass and jumbo scallops) looked very pretty, but failed to impress taste wise … especially the scallops had that special ‘nothing’ .. for 550K I had expected more. And what’s with the waiter recommending sauce bernaise for everything? The side asparagus for 110K was very tasty again. Kudos also to our waiter (evening manager) for bringing a small cake with candle and singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me all by himself! (Couldn’t get any of your colleagues to join?)

Now, some nit-picky things that did not fly well with us: They give you a nice bread basket and butter … this butter comes in ugly single serve (think airline food – coach) packets on a nice saucer … fail in my book. Then those rolls, 2 different kinds, one was soft, the other was hard as rock! I asked to speak to the manager, wanting to give constructive criticism, our waiter tells us that he is like the evening manager in charge, so I tell him about the rock hard rolls … and while he first apologizes, he then goes on ‘Can I explain something to you?’ … what? He goes on with some kind of explanation that I perceive as that it might have been our fault, we waited too long to eat the bread. He promises to bring a new basket … and then we discover that indeed, if you pick that one kind of roll up right away, it is warm and soft .. let it sit for 2 minutes and it turns to rock! I asked my friendly neighborhood food-expert and we agree that they most likely microwave those rolls to heat them up. That’s the other fail … I know, this seems rather petty, but when one recalls those stale rolls more than the flavor of the high price main dish, then something is off.
To sum up, little things negative …important things only ‘meh’ … some things like food presentation really great .. pricey… but overall … I don’t see myself returning there any time soon, unless I win a free dinner or get invited wink emoticon The views are great! If I want to dump a lot on money on food, I’ll rather return to French Grill instead.

One thing I forgot to mention in the above review is that we were able to hear beautiful jazz music all evening, unfortunately 2 different CDs from 2 different corners of the dining room – at the same time …