We finally got around trying this new pizza / pasta place that opened in our area: Linguini Fini. They specialize on pasta and pizza. And their pizza is, what I remember from New York, a solid 18″ size monster, which means the slices you cut are the prefect hand held size. Sure enough that this is too much for only one person.

We had half / half buffalo chicken, which sounded way more exciting in writing than it actually tasted, but was still good, and ‘tropic thunder’, their version of the classic Hawaiian, with caramelized pineapple and pieces of porchetta, which was absolutely fantastic. I also love they they have (almost)all the essential condiments at the table, like pepper flakes and extra parmesan (I’d love to see some chili or garlic oil)

Their pasta offerings are plentiful and look very nice and the one Julius tried (the Alfredo, he was in a ‘cheesy’ mood) was very good, albeit I found the portion too be a tad small, looking lost in its huge plate.

Looking very much forward to trying again soon.