The chef of our lovely neighborhood eatery Daluva comes up with a very special supper club dinner once a month. This time, in his words: “Join us as I take you on a unique thirteen course tasting menu. My personal interpretation of a kaiseki-ryōri, interspaced with multiple inspirations from around the globe.

At 45$ for the whole set not cheap but a pretty cool deal plus I knew it would make for some excellent food porn.

- Ginger pickled oyster with Nước chấm ‘caviar’
Very good, this ‘caviar’ sounded actually way better looking when the chef explained to us how it was made, I was expecting glistening yellow pearls like salmon roe, but they kinda clumped a bit sad together under the oyster.

- Benedict sushi – sunny side up quail egg, wasabi hollandaise
Also very good, the flavors worked very well together. I only think that poaching the egg would have made it even better.

- Orange tube – tempura shrimp maki in pickled carrot skin
Wow, how much work to roll sushi in thin slices of carrot instead of nori. Was very tasty.

- Beet nigiri with green tea cured duck pancetta
A very good looking dish, dominated by pickle flavor. The duck had no chance.

- Red tuna tataki seared in seared romaine
Served with a light citrus salad and a yoghurt tahini sauce.
Another successful combination of very different flavors.

- Avocado & basil tempura, orange wasabi syrup
One of my favs. The avocado gets soft and fragrant. The combination of orange and wasabi rocks. I want that as ice cream!

- Miso and tahini roasted eggplant
A very pleasant one-biter that melts in your mouth. Would not have objected if that had come in pairs.

- Sea-weed spätzle in dashi broth with braised kohlrabi
This is another one where I think the work that was put into this was way more than the outcome let shine through. It was nice, but not memorable. There was also a small slice of tuna involved.

- White miso pickled tofu
very nice, but could have used maybe more bonito flakes? There was only a hint of miso flavor.

- red snapper carpaccio, green papaya salad, pine nuts, olive oil, wasabi, thyme
Wait, there was thyme on that? Hands down my fav dish of the day. That flavor combo, especially with the pine nuts was delectable.

- ‘Cuba Libre’ teriyaki salmon (coca-cola, lime and rum)
Nice idea, reminds me of my attempt to make caipirinha chicken. While nice, the fish was a bit dry.

- White chocolate and Litchi Chawanmushi & Matcha and olive oil dark chocolate truffles
The consistency of chawanmushi is not everyone’s cup of tea. I like it as a savory dish. As a dessert, not so much. The truffles were sweet, the one with matcha powder had too much, the presentation was not as pretty as the rest of the dinner …