We have a very special ramen place in Sengawa that we all are looking for when returning to Japan. Last time we managed to visit 4 times in our usual ~20 day stint … this time we wanted to break that record and we sure did! Our first occasion was lunch the day after we landed.

While they do have different ramen dishes, I always go for the Butamen #2, most of the times with egg, sometimes with extra meat. Ritsu also tried their miso ramen on 2 occasions.

Round Number 2 (only 48h after #1)

This time for dinner (#3)

May the Fourth (bowl of ramen) be with you.

This time we brought our friends Patrick and Tomoko (who also love exploring the Tokyo food scene)

Last ramen of 2015 (number 5)

Number 6

Last evening, number 7

Bakatare Ramen
1-21-24 Sengawacho, Chofu,
Tokyo Prefecture

Closest station: Sengawa (Keio Line)

Added bonus: this is their ticket vending machine (for those who need some time to decipher it)