One great thing about that weekend package was that the food was included. Good food … not great, not fantastic, but overall very good food. Diverse and local and very fresh. Julius rekindled his love for soups!

The first lunch was memorable for some very gooey looking coconut sauce over chicken. The banana flower salad was awesome as was the pork, but the pumpkin soup was the winner!!!

Another soup hit and great spring rolls.

The freshness of the ingredients is really apparent.

For the second lunch we moved outside, as the mountain breeze actually made sitting on the porch more bearable than inside. Very tasty fried fish! Julius was put off by the word ‘caramel’ with the pork, but then realized it was just another sweet-ish sauce.

Outdoor BBQ for our last evening. Lots of items to pick and select and then hand over to the grill masters and in return get yummy grilled food. Did not know that tofu grills that well, and quail eggs are just everywhere.

Last lunch, shrimp & chicken curry.

I cheated a bit on the collage here, the red t-shirt is actually from breakfast.

Speaking of which … I would have loved a lavish breakfast buffet, but so far here in SE Asia I always encounter a menu and then you can pick stuff. There were the usual egg and fresh juice offerings, but also the mandatory pho to keep the Vietnamese tourists (and us) happy.

(somehow the formatting for this post did not work the way I intended … but since I have the feeling no one is checking this blog anymore anyways or rad it actually, I won’t bother trying to fix this anytime soon … )