Among the new comers in our neighborhood is a new Indian / Punjabi place which is dangerously close to us. I had checked out the menu last Friday already and today we were ready to give it a try.

Nice space and a selective, not convoluted menu (with unique things on it like ‘Chicken Cafreal‘, a spicy chicken dish which originated from the Portuguese colonies in Africa). Want to try that next time!

I also like the dishes, a step up from the usual metal bowls one finds at Indian restaurants.

On our way out I noticed that the garage door in the basement reveals the whole kitchen set up, which might be ‘too open’ for some people, especially when they are just about to enter (while the entrance actually is pretty non-descript)

I can also imagine getting take out there, their okra curry was very tasty! The chicken and lamb curries we had were kind of stingy on the meat, though.

Full menu (click to enlarge)