Avid readers of this blog (yes, both of you) might think we are burger crazy .. and to some extend this might be true, but I think we just simply enjoy eating ourselves through different kinds of cuisines, and burgers are just a part of this.

There is a new kid on the block called ‘CHOPS’ and they get into more fancy burger creations:

Let me just quickly copy / paste what I posted on FB’s foodies group:

Situated on the intersection Quan An / Xuan Dieu this is mainly a burger joint, but boasting’fancy’ / creative burger (and fries) variations. To get a regular cheeseburger one selects the basic Chops and then orders a 20k slice of cheese on top. The burgers do NOT come with fries, but there is an ample selection of i.e. sweet potato with wasabi mayo, skinny fries and ‘triple fried with truffle mayo’ (AKA ‘Fat Fries’, this is what they are called on the bill wink emoticon ) …

Now, as to the burgers: reasonable in price (and I like that I can ‘opt out’ of the fries.)

We had a nice cross section: classic for kiddo, wife had the A-Porkalypse (slow cooked vnese pork belly) and liked it a lot and forgave them for not having any halloumi tonight (she wanted the chick pea / halloumi burger initially) and I enjoyed one of the best lamb burgers I have had so far. Only thing there (and that might have been a soft opening glitch) was that it came with a really nice slice of feta cheese, while the menu says ‘feta tzatziki’, which in my book is a garlic-y yoghurt sauce, not to be found on my burger. But never the less, the flavor was awesome!

The buns are .. hmm .. a bit strange, might be off putting for some burger purists, but they were very tasty … also, the burgers are a bit on the small (but tall!) side, for those who want to compare. But I actually like the option of not being totally stuffed after a burger. Service was nice and attentive.

The selection of starters also looks very appetizing. We will most definitely return to try all the other varieties. Oh! and another great plus: the have Franks’ RedHot on the tables as hot sauce di casa. Yum! (anyone know where in Hanoi I can buy this?) .. last word: prices do not include 10% tax