It has been 6 years that we last went to Al’enoteca, the Michelin starred restaurant run by Davide Paluda. It was high on our to do list and very gladly Malcolm & Patrizia offered to ‘baby sit’ Julius, so we could have a glamorous date night.

We got to sit in the new ‘outside’ area, which initially did not look very outside, but once the light drizzle was over, they retracted the roof and we were dining under the stars!

We selected the ‘surprise-short’ menu, since the ‘classic’ (we had 8 years ago) was very beef centric and the we had the regular sized surprise 6 years ago. It was still a crazy amount of delectable food items. I don’t have enough superlatives in my vocabulary to review each single one of them. My favs were the funghi porchini and the calamari in onion cream with cacao.

We also had a nice pre-dinner chit-chat with the chef himself, he seemed to kinda recall us. He also had no trouble to keep the menu beef and oyster free.

Here is the complete food porn:

Trio: Curry Asparagus Balls
Eggplant slice with cream and hazelnut
checoree salad leaf with raw seabass

Duo: Mini tacos with pork and mustard cream
Mini apricot tart

Fois gras cookie sandwich

sorbet of water melon, tomato, crunchy croutons, string bean and anchovie

assorted breads

snapper with jus and mini sisho leafs

calamari in onion cream with cacao

Funghi porcini cooked in sugo di stinco topped with slithered raw porcini (!) and fennel flower

mini pita with fois gras, strawberry jam, sea salt and spicy rocket salad

ravioli filled with tomato soup, garnished with peccherino cheese and mini zucchini slices

pigeon in crostini with cauliflower puree, fig and carrots

goat cheese with tangerine honey and balsamico

orange sorbet with almonds and eggfoam

cherry compote with fior di latte ice cream and dark chocolate

assorted extra sweets