We always wanted to come back to try the ‘surprise menu’ at this wonderful restaurant, but somehow it took us nearly a year.

This time we opted for lunch, so we would not need an overnight stay.

Service was again very cortious, but again a bit slow (in the beginning), but they had a full house, 2 birthday parties, tons of kids and again, very very good food:

– a pre-appetizer platter with Russian salad, focaccia, parmesan puff balls, fried potato balls and some fried bread thingies (a big hit with Julius).

I really don’t get this region’s fascination with Russian salad …. but it was very nice

– a perfectly round piece of beef roast simmered in Barolo wine (in case you don’t know, you can get a very decent bottle of red wine here for 5€ … but Barolo starts at 15€) on top of a very nice fonduta (cheese sauce) with a single potato chip.

I am still wondering how they cut it out so round .. and this was just the pre-appetizer for everyone. Amazing job and very flavourful!

– a platter of different breads with butter (serving butter with bread is quite rare here).
Yeah .. let’s fill our tummies BEFORE the actual eating starts ..

– a very fancy presentation of carne cruda (raw minced beef), accompanied by (from left to right): some mini ratalluile, cheese egg frittata, then the meat with some salt and parmesan, porcini mushroom and a poached quail egg.

This is the closest competitor to my favourite raw meat offering at ‘La Pace‘ yet …

– a pairing of a stack of beef tongue with ‘salsa verde’ (a sauce of green herbs, oil, spices, whatever is tasty and around … ) and this time a fried quail egg and mini sandwiches with duck prosciutto on some potato mash.

Oh my. Those duck slices were yummy (a bit salty) … and the tongue! …
I wish I had any idea how to prepare tongue .. maybe I should make that a mission … again, perfectly shaped …

– risotto with fois gras (goose liver paté) and slivers of fried artichoke.

Now, here is a new idea .. putting fois gras in risotto … I was very pleasantly surprised .. and I usually do not finish my risotto … By that time we were really full …

– last but not least: pork knuckle, or what they scraped off it.

After a long time in the oven, taken off the bone, then shaped, again in a perfect circle, wrapped in bacon and caramelized in pineapple syrup, served with a slice of apple fritter and some more pineapple pieces.

Incredibly yummy … albeit by this time I was very full .. and I was happy the portion was rather small … but the flavour was fantastic …

– while everything above was selected by the chef, we could select our desserts: Ritsu had a mini crepe filled with peach and yoghurt ice cream

– while I had something like tiramisu, swimming in a zabaglione sauce, topped with amaretto ice cream.

– though we did not order any coffee or grappa, we still got this crazy assortment of sweets … as if we had not have enough yet.

– Our wine was a Roero Arneis from a small producer Marco Porello.

Overall .. again a fantastic experience .. and this time no trouble with getting out of the snowy parking lot ( when saying goodbye to the chef, he remembered us, once I told the story) and while it was a very different atmosphere, compared to dinner … the food was just outstanding ..

I am looking forward to trying the the spring / summer food … and sit on the balcony … we still were not too happy with the bright light atmosphere .. and since this time we were seated in the ‘big room’ we noticed that the sound was .. well .. just all over .. it sounded very loud very quickly .. and there was no background music .. which I think could help a bit …

Io E Luna
Frazione Montebello 1
12050 Guarene, Italy
telephone: (0039) 017 361 1724
GPS N 44 44.717 E 8 0.856