Something we wanted to try for a long time, and now that our friend Judith was visiting us, we took this as an occasion to try the tasting menu at Daluva.

I did not know before that this is a vegetarian affair, but as Shahar, the food-genius behind all this, pointed out “Our tasting menus are all vegetarian. Not directed at vegetarians. Just veggie centric.”

This is what we had in detail:

1) rock melon, cashew milk chilled soup / hibiscus “caviar” in pickled cucumber
Very tasty small soup, great combination. That caviar is a joy to eat, like refreshing candy pearls.
2) eggplant, green mango nộm / marinated luffa / carrot oil / parsley crème / soy pickled quail eggs
vnese style salad on yummy piece of eggplant, this carrot oil I wanted to lick clean off the plate. No idea what the green sauce was, but excellent with those eggs.
3) steamed pear “raviolis” / tofu and pumpkin seed stuffing / blue cheese vinaigrette / herb salad with pickled shallots
this dish sounds just like so much work to make. This one was maybe the only one holding a bit back on the flavor side.
4) beet, wasabi and EVO tartar / caper powder / pinenuts / soy syrup
Another great concoction that delivers flavor without the need for any meat.
5) semi sweet cauliflower custard / egg shell (photo below)
I think this was my personal favorite. Something sweet with very good black pepper flavor.
6) green banana tostones / mango braised eggplant pulled eggplant
I’d love to have a party platter of this! So yummy!
7) mint, eggplant, and vodka sorbet
Gelato Italia next door needs to make this one of their flavors! Nice refreshing interim
8) white wine risotto / steamed asparagus / citrus beurre blanc / cured duck yolk
cooked to perfection, never thought this would go with a citrus sauce, but it does very well. The duck egg rounds up everything nicely.

We are now talking about making this a monthly couple’s night event.