Wondering what all that pre- and test-cooking was all about?

The answer is that we had invited 3 friend-families over to have brunch with us and here is what we scrambled together:

– Roasted bell peppers marinated in olive oil, garlic and anchovies
– Egg fried toast with smoked salmon and Japanese mayonaise
– Quiche Lorraine
– Smoked salmon with mustard sour cream (excellent substitute for horseradish) on German Nordländer bread with cucumber
– Japanese omelete roll pieces
– Turkish meatballs with garlic/yogurt/cucumber sauce
– Flammkuchen with bacon
– Apple crumble
– Flamkuchen with salmon

We had planned some more dishes, but the avocados for the salad were not ripe yet, and Bircher Muesli and giant pancake (to be made in rice cooker) just slipped my mind and in the end we had plenty of food.

Everybody had a good time and the kids, after exploring the house playing hide & seek, settled down eventually playing UNO.